Outcomes Reports

Objective Mastery Report

The Objective Mastery report only shows data for objectives that have been flagged as assessed. Objectives in the system can be flagged as assessed by importing assessment items via XML. This is done from the Outcome Manager block on the site home page.

This report shows data for this flagged objective, the report is calculating the amount of expectations from this objective that are linked to questions in a quiz/lesson. This data is displayed as a total for the entire objective, shown as a single bar in the chart.

In the report example shown in the image below there is only one objective linked to this question, though any number of expectations from the objective could be selected. If there were multiple assessed objectives here, there would be multiple bars in the chart.

The following is a description of the data points in the report from left to right:
  • Objective - The objective number flagged as assessed and linked to a question in quiz/lesson. The objective is linked to questions via checkboxes in its expectations sub-level.
  • Description - The description of each assessed objective linked to a question in the quiz/lesson.
  • Correct/Wrong - The amount of correct/wrong responses for an assessed objective. Multiple expectations from each assessed objective can be linked to questions. The correct/wrong responses will be counting the selected expectations from each objective.
  • Total - Total responses linked to the assessed objective.
  • Weight - Weight of each objective, this is decided by the total number of responses linked to the assessed objective or the "Total" column. In the report example below, the weight is 100% because there is only one objective.
  • Mastery - The percentage of correct responses for the assessed objective.
This quiz used in the report example below only had one of the three questions linked to a objective flagged as assessed. Two expectations from the objective were selected for the question. The report will be counting responses to this question twice for each user, because there were two checkboxes selected within the flagged objective for this question.

Currently (ELIS 1.8.2) this report is counting user data twice for the quiz totals, the individual totals are correct. This error has been corrected and the fix will be included in the ELIS 1.8.3 update.

The report options are just about the same for each outcomes report. First select the type of activity, quiz or lesson. Then enter the standard. Select the quiz or lesson the report will be generated for. When the options are set correctly select the Run Report button. From this screen reports can be run for all the quizzes/lessons on the site with questions linked to objectives.

Objective Mastery report

The report is showing the data for the five users who have taken this quiz. Their names are listed to the right side of the report, the names link to individual reports for each user.

Individual Object mastery report

To export the report, select one of the file format icons located in the upper left hand corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer. If Flash format is selected a new window will open and display the Flash version.

To return to the previous report screen, select the icon with the backward pointing arrow in the upper left hand corner of the report.