Outcomes Reports

Expectation Mastery Report

The Expectation Mastery report shows the expectations added to questions along with users results for those questions. The expectations in this report represent the last level in the outcomes tree structure, the section where checkboxes are selected to assign the objectives to questions.

The following is a description of each column of the report from left to right:
  • Expectation - The objective number linked to the question in quiz/lesson.
  • Description - The description of each objective linked to a question in the quiz/lesson.
  • Correct/Wrong - The amount of correct/wrong responses for an expectation.
  • Total - Total answers linked to the expectation.
  • Weight - Weight of each expectation, this is decided by the total number of responses linked to the expectation or the "Total" column.
  • Mastery - The percentage of correct responses for the expectation.

The report options are just about the same for each outcomes report. First select the type of activity, quiz or lesson. Then enter the standard. Select the quiz or lesson the report will be generated for. When the options are set correctly select the Run Report button. From this screen reports can be run for all the quizzes/lessons on the site with questions linked to objectives.

Expectation Mastery Report

The last page of the report is showing the Expectation # and the Master % in a bar chart.
Expectation Mastery Report bar chart
Notice the user names to the right of the bar chart in the image above. The user's names link to individual Expectation Mastery reports.

Individual Expectation Mastery Report:
Individual Expectation Mastery report
The expectations with two responses in this report were linked to two of the questions in the quiz.

To export the report, select one of the file format icons located in the upper left hand corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer. If Flash format is selected a new window will open and display the Flash version.

To return to the previous report screen, select the icon with the backward pointing arrow in the upper left hand corner of the report.