OpenID Authentication

Open ID Server Settings

On the Servers tab of the OpenID settings you can set which servers to allow or deny OpenID integration with.

Servers tab in OpenID settings
  1. Click the Servers tab to create or edit the list of OpenID servers.
  2. Enter the URL for a server here to add it to the list. If your setting from the Users screen is "Non-whitelisted servers shall be: Denied" (the recommended setting), then users will only be able to login from servers in the list on this screen.
  3. You can also deny servers (this only makes sense if your setting for non-whitelisted servers is set to Allow or Confirm) - users will not be able to login using credentials from servers set to Deny.
    • On the current screen, users can login using Google OpenID credentials or Yahoo, but not MyOpenID or other OpenID provider (assuming that the "Non-whitelisted servers shall be" setting is set to "Denied".
    • Note that you can use wildcards, as above for the Yahoo login - Yahoo's OpenID server has a long, complex URL, but all you need to enter here is ** surrounded by the wildcard character *.
  4. Click "Save changes" to save the changes you have made here.

Now, if your settings are all ready for you to use, go back to the first screen and enable the OpenID authentication plug-in.