OpenID Authentication

Using the OpenID block to manage IDs

The OpenID block is an optional block that you can enable to let your users manage their OpenIDs (if you've checked the box in the settings on the previous page that lets users register more than one account).

If the site admin makes the OpenID block visible and the setting above is set, then users can enter another OpenID, validate it with their provider, and then login with any of their OpenIDs (all logins will point to the same Moodle/ELIS user).

Manage OpenID block

For example, if I login with my Yahoo account, and then register my Gmail account, I can login with either my Yahoo, or my Gmail account (this is managed by the settings we saw previously to map the user based on username, etc.).

I can click the "Manage your OpenID's" link to see the IDs I am currently using on the site.

Manage OpenID block

  1. Here I can see my current IDs and also add another ID.