Moodle 2 Theme Engine

Importing and exporting your theme

The RL Master theme tool enables you to save a theme on one site, and move it to another site. You can also save the current theme you have before starting to edit your theme. You can also import some pre-created template themes (see the Template themes page below). All of these actions are performed on the the Controls tab of your RL Master theme.

Before you start editing, it is a good idea to backup your current RL Master theme. This will let you restore it if you make a mistake while editing your theme. It will also let you save a copy of your theme for loading on a different site. For example, you can build your theme on your development instance of Moodle and then move it to your production instance using the "Controls" tab.

backing up your theme

In the "Controls" tab choose "Export" to export your entire current theme (code and images). This will create a zip file you can download.

To restore your theme, import this backed up theme, and then click "Refresh".

To move a theme from one site to another, upload a theme exported from the RL Master theme Controls tab, and then Import it as described below.

Importing a RL Master theme file:
Note that importing a new theme will delete your old RL Master theme, so if you want to save the old theme, export it before running the steps below.
  1. First, click the Choose a file.. button in the RL Master Controls tab

  2. Importing a new Moodle theme
  3. Select the specific file by clicking the Choose File button
    Choosing a file to import a theme into Moodle
  4. Select an exported RL Master theme file
    Getting the file
  5. Click the Upload this file button.
    Saving the attachment
  6. Now click Import. This will refresh your theme cache (if you are using RL Master 2.1.2+ or 2.2.2+)* and display the new theme.
    Now click import

See the Sample Themes page for five sample RL Master theme templates you can start from.

*Ask RL support to update your version of the RL Master theme if you are on an older version and automatic update does not happen.