Moodle 2 Theme Engine

Setting Theme Images

Remote-Learner's AutoTheme also let you upload banners, logos, and other site images.
Setting images

  1. To set theme images, click the "Images" tab.
background image
Click "Choose a file" for an image you wish to add (or replace)- for example here we are replacing the background image.

Using image already uploaded

AutoTheme creates it's own file storage area, if the image is already uploaded here then you can just select it and add it to your site.

background image
Save changes and the background image is now tiled on the site (see the Custom CSS tab below to see how to control tiling settings).

A more common request is to change the header images, so lets look at that.

Scroll down to your Header image area in the files tab:
header image choice
Click the "Choose a file.." button. This will open the file picker.

Choosing a file
  1. To upload a new file, click "Upload a file" and then Choose File.
  2. Select a file on your system to upload
  3. Click "Upload this file"
header image

Now that the image is loaded, you will see it in the left header area.
Image settings

  1. Images placed here will tile accross your site background.
  2. Images placed here will show up beneath the header image.
  3. This will show in the block headers for your site
header image settings 2
  1. Images placed here will show up behind block content
  2. Images placed here will show up behind a custom menu
  3. Images placed here will show up behind the header - often these are tiled images
  4. This will be the left site of your header image.
Updating images in the Moodle RL Master theme

  1. This will be the right side of your header image.
  2. This will put an image in the background of your footer
  3. This will put a image in your navigation bar.
  4. This sill add a background to your heading.
  5. This will create a favorites icon for your site.

Creating a favicon in RL Master for Moodle