ELIS Files Learning Object Repository 2.0 Manual

Setting up a desktop Integration

In ELIS Files in, each Moodle user has a corresponding user account and set of folders in the Alfresco repository. An administrator can enable their users to access their folders in Alfresco via WebDAV- this is supported natively in both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This support enables users to set up folders on their computers which they can drag files into, and have those files be uploaded to their folder in the repository.

Steps to set up a WebDAV share on Windows

See note below about Windows 7 and WebDAV.

1. Provide your users with the WebDAV path for your repository. An example of this path is:

2. A user enters this path in the "Add Network Place" wizard in Windows:
Add network place

3. Enter Moodle username and password:
webdav login

Finally, Windows will ask the user to give the network share a name. Now it is available to the user on their machine via the "My Network Places" link on their start menu. They can drag and drop files and folders to this network place, and the files will be available to them in Moodle.

For teacher level users (users with the ability to edit course files) - once Repository course files has been accessed in a Moodle course, the teacher can now see this course in their WebDAV/moodle/course directory, listed by the course's shortname, and they can batch upload files to the course's repository directory as well as their own user directory.

Alfresco admins can create additional shared folders and give users access to those folders. These will also show up to the users who have access to the shared folders via WebDAV.

If users exceed there quota while uploading files via WebDav, a blank file will be uploaded to their folder.

Windows 7 and WebDAV:

Due to changes made to the way Windows 7 implements WebDAV, Windows 7 users will need to make the the registry modification described here before WebDAV will work correctly.

Steps to set up a WebDAV share on MacOS

1. From the finder select Go > Connect to Server.
MacOS finder

2. Enter the URL.
Connect to server
To add the server address to your list of favorite servers select the plus symbol button located to the right of the server address. Once the server address is entered or selected, select connect.

3. When prompted by Alfresco enter your Moodle username and password.
WebDAV login

Once logged in student users will see their user folder plus any additional folders they have permission to view. The following image is showing a student users folder. The folder name is the user's id number.

Users can drag and drop files/folders from their desktop into this folder, or drag and drop files/folders from this folder to their desktop. When you drag and drop the files/folders, they will be copied to the new location.

User folder