ELIS Files Learning Object Repository 2.0 Manual

The Moodle Interface to the Repository

From within Moodle, users have access to the repository in a number of ways as described below.

1. in Moodle 2, each user has their own file space, called My private files.This can be added to the user's profile by the user clicking the Customize this page button on their profile.

Activating My private files

Then add the block:
Adding the My private files block

Then click Manage my private files:
Managing my private files

Users can add to their private files by clicking the Manage my private files button. If their Moodle role has access to the ELIS files repository, they will be able to access, edit, and add files from their repository space.

Adding User Files

Click the Add... button to add files to your repository space. From there you can add them to the private files area.

Adding private files

  1. As discussed above, click the ELIS Files link to access the ELIS files space. Note that the user is now in his/her file space in ELIS Files.
  2. Click a file to add it
  3. Use the Actions tab to upload new files as described above.