ELIS Files Learning Object Repository 2.0 Manual

User Spaces in the Repository

User spaces in the repository can be automatically created when a user logs on to the Moodle site for the first time. This feature will be enabled when Alfresco is installed.

To disable the setting go to the Site Administration block > Users > Authentication > Manage Authentication > Alfresco SSO. Use the eye icon to disable the setting. If disabled, new users will not have Alfresco accounts created when they login to Moodle for the first time.

Users repository spaces will have the same name as their Moodle username. Users can login to the repository by selecting the repository link from the Alfresco Repository block, then enter their Moodle username and password on the Alfresco login screen.

The user spaces are located on the Alfresco Company Home screen, shown in the image. Select the space name to see the contents of that space. A typical student user might only have the User Homes space available on the Company Home screen, and within the User Homes space, they might only have access to their user space. Users can upload files directly to their user space in Alfresco or via the Moodle Interface.

Repository Company Home

To see all the user spaces in Alfresco, you must be logged in as the Alfresco Administrative user as described previously.

User Profile and Settings

Each user has a user profile screen in the repository. The following image shows the link for that screen. Users can use the user profile screen to change their password, check repository usage, manage deleted items in their trash bin, etc.

Alfresco user profile