ELIS Files Learning Object Repository 2.0 Manual

Using the Repository Block

The repository block can be added to both site and course home pages. The ELIS files Alfresco Repository will need to be enabled for the site for this block to work. User can access the repository in a couple different ways from this block, depending on the Alfresco Repository block configuration.

To add the standard configuration, turn editing on for the site, select the Add Block drop down menu, then choose Alfresco Repository.
Adding the Repository Block

The next image is showing the standard configuration. Users can access the repository from this block by selecting "this link" at the end of the first sentence in the block.

Repository Block

After selecting "this link" from the image above a user will be presented with the following screen. Users login with their Moodle username and password.

Alfresco login screen

Configuring the ELIS Files Repository Block:

To configure the repository block go to Site Administration block and select Modules > Blocks > Alfresco Repository. The following image is showing the screen that will appear. This screen is used to add a link to an embedded WebDAV client and/or a link to help documents.
Configuring the Repo Block
You can add an embedded WebDAV client such as Secure FTP Applet. The embedded client will need to be uploaded somewhere, and then the URL entered here. Remote-Learner support can assist with this.

When a user clicks the link in the Repository Block will open up the Alfresco login screen - where the user can login with their Moodle username and password.

Alfresco Login

When they login, they can view their folder in Alfresco:

User files in Alfresco

Within Alfresco they can use the functionality that their user role has been granted.