ELIS Files Learning Object Repository 2.0 Manual

Adding Repository Spaces

This page demonstrates how users can create spaces in Alfresco. Admin users will have these permissions on the Company Home page, student users will have these permissions within their space only. The following examples will be showing the company home page viewed by an admin user.

Company home screen

Creating Spaces

This space will be created so teachers can share documents with other teachers. The teachers must be added to the space so they have access to the documents within it.

The Create drop down menu, shown in the first image, has the link to create spaces. Enter a name for the space, the title and description are optional entries.

Create a space screen

Once the space is created, files can be uploaded to the space or files can be moved to it from another space.

Moving Content to Spaces

There are two ways to move content, cut or copy. Cut will remove the item from one space and then it can be added to the another space. I want to remove this item from the content section so I'm selecting cut.

Cut a content item

Next I select the space I want to move this content item to, in this case it will be the new Teacher Documents space. Go to the More Actions drop down menu and select Paste All.

Pasting cut content

Advanced Spaces

Advanced Spaces are created from the 'Create' drop down menu on the company home screen (shown on the first image of this page). The advanced space wizard has a 4 step process, shown in the left hand column of the image below.

Creating advanced spaces wizard