ELIS Files Learning Object Repository 2.0 Manual

Uploading files to the repository

Uploading Image files to the Repository from the HTML Editor:

Uploading an image to the repository

You can upload an image to the ELIS files repository via the HTML editor. In this case we will upload an image. To start, click the image icon in the editor.

Uploading an image file

Next, click the ELIS Files link. This will show you the files in your current file space.

  1. In this case, we are in the ELIS Course Files as you can see form the file path showing the course's shortname.
  2. You can switch to other locations your user has access to in the Jump to... menu.
The jump to menu in ELIS files

The Jump to... menu can be used to navigate between different Alfresco spaces the user has access to.
  1. in this case the files for this course,
  2. or their user file space.

Select upload files

Next, click Upload files:

the uploader

Click the "Select files" button to open the file picker.

Selecting files to upload

  1. Select a file
  2. Press upload.

With standard WebKIT (Chrome, Safari) and Mozilla (Firefox) browsers you can select several files to upload at one time. The upload is via FTP by default, so it is very fast.

Adding a file

Now select the file to add to the HTML page. Of course if you previously uploaded the file to ELIS Files, you can skip all of the uploading steps and just pick the file.

File informaiton

Next enter the File information.
  1. You can use the default name, or enter a different one.
  2. When using ELIS Files, you can link to an image in the ELIS Files Repository. If you select this makes a link to the file in the Repository rather than copying it into the Moodle filesystem.
  3. When you have completed the form, click Select this file to add the file.

Loading the image

Now click Insert to load the image in (note you can set the image size in the Appearance tab).

Viewing the loaded image

The image loaded in the page. To resize or set other image parameters, select the image and then click the image icon again.

Uploading video follows the same process, except click the Moodle Media icon instead. If you upload a standard video type, this will create the proper code to display the video.

The repository video file

Moodle will load a link tot he video. If your multimedia plugin is configured to play this video (and if you have the right plug-in for non-standards compliant video), then Moodle will embed the video.

Viewing a video in Moodle