ELIS Files Learning Object Repository 2.0 Manual

Administrator Access to the Repository

Files in the Alfresco Repository can be managed in two ways, via the Moodle interface or Alfresco interface. A Moodle site administrator can access all the repository files through the Moodle interface and the Alfresco administrator can access all the repository files through the Alfresco interface.

Moodle administrators can access repository files from the site files, course files, or their My files tab on their profile page. Use the "Browse files from" drop down menu at the top of each page to navigate to different repository sections. If a Moodle administrator accesses Alfresco directly using the link in the Alfresco Repository block then they will only have access to their personal space unless the Alfresco administrator has granted them permissions in other spaces of the repository.

The Alfresco administrator uses a different username and password to access Alfresco. To locate the username and password go to the Site Administration Plugins > Repositories > ELIS files

Alfresco Settings

On the Settings screen, scroll to the username and password, use the "Unmask" checkbox to view the password.
Administrator login to the repository

Go to the Alfresco Repository block and select "this link" to login as the Alfresco administrator. This user has access to all the repository spaces using the Alfresco interface.