ELIS Files Learning Object Repository 2.0 Manual

Student view of the Repository

When the student role is enabled to see the Repository, then they can see the ELIS files link in courses they are enrolled in.
Student view of the repository

When students click the ELIS files link, they can see and manage their files, upload files, etc. Note they only see the files in their own personal files space.

Students can manage their own files

Uploading a file from the ELIS Files Repository to a Moodle Assignment:

Submitting a file from ELIS Files for an Assignment

In the above example, the student has an Upload files assignment in their Moodle course, and they can add files from their ELIS Files repository to the assignment. Files can be added from ELIS Files to forum posts, blogs, and any other place where students need to add files in their Moodle course.

Student Role Permissions:

Student Permissions
To enable students to see the ELIS Files link in courses and to be able to upload files to their personal space when they are in a course, either the authenticated user role or the student role should have the two capabilities noted above.