ELIS 2.0 Manual

ELIS Programs

Creating A Program

Creating/Editing Programs

Click on the Manage Programs link to create a new Program and or to edit the Programs you have already created.

Programs link in the Program Management block

If you have already defined Programs in your site, you will see the Programs listed here. The following image shows the manage Programs screen, the Programs names are listed in the left hand column. The icons will link to specific screens of each Program. Select one of the Add Program buttons to add a new Program, the buttons are located directly above and below the Programs list.

Manage programs screen

When you click the Add Program button above, you will see the Add Program screen:

Add program screen

The following settings can be entered on the add Program screen:
  • ID Number - This field is required. The id number will display in reports.
  • Name - This field is required.
  • Long Description - A complete and thorough description will help administrators, teachers and students know if this Program is correct for them.
  • Required Credits - The number of credits the learner must receive before the Program is complete.
  • Display Priority - The lower the priority number, the higher the Program will display in the user's Learning Plan folder.
  • Time to complete - The amount of time a user has to complete a Program once assigned to it. For example, enter 18m for 18 months.
  • Expiration (not shown--must be enabled by administrator (Program Administration > Admin > Configuration)) - The frequency the Program must be completed, if necessary. For example, enter 4y for 4 years. The format for entries in the last two fields is described below them, shown in the image above.
  • Archive Settings - Set to no, this Program will appear in the Learner Dashboard under the Current Learning Plans tab. Set to yes, this Program will appear in the Learner Dashboard under the Archived Learning Plans tab. The image below shows that the Program "Product Support Technician" has been marked as "Archived" and now appears in the Archived Learning Plans in the Learner Dashboard. This setting was created to alleviate confusion for users who had years of Learning Plan to navigate through. When a Program is no longer in use, the Program administrator can simply mark it as archived.
  • Program Fields - Custom Categories and fields can be created and added to Program when organizations need more information to be added to configuration screen. Custom fields can be added at Program Management > Admin > Custom Fields > Programs tab.
The help icons link to a pop-up window with information about each field.

Learner Dashboard: Archived Learning Plans tab selected:
Archived Learning Plans tab

Bulk User Enrollment and Removal for Programs

ELIS allows bulk user enrollment and removal for Programs. Both screens work in the same way, the difference will be whether the Assigned link or the Unassigned link is selected at the top of the page. The Assigned link will show users already assigned to the Programs, and the Unassigned link will show unassigned users that can be assigned to the Program. The following image is showing the Users tab of a Program, with the Unassigned link selected.
  1. View of the User tab of a Program.
  2. The Unassigned link is selected. If Assigned were selected the format of the page would be the same besides the button on the bottom of the page, it would be "Unassign" instead of "Assign".
  3. Use the filter to search for users.
  4. Select users with the check boxes on the left hand side of the screen. Use the Select All check box to select all the users on the page.
  5. At the bottom of the list the amount of users selected is shown. If there are users selected from multiple pages, there would be 2 totals. One for all the pages and one for the current page.
  6. Select the Assign button to assign users. If viewing the Assigned link, a list of users already assigned to the Program would be shown and there would be an "Unassign" button instead of the Assign button.
Program Users tab