ELIS 2.0 Manual

ELIS Programs

Add Course Descriptions to a Program

Once you have set up a program, you will need to add course descriptions to it. To do this, click the Course Descriptions tab on the Program screen. The screen below shows a new program with no courses assigned. To assign a course, click the Assign course description button.

Assign course description button for program

The next image shows the assign course screen, the following settings can be entered on this screen:
  1. Program - The name of the program being associated to the course. This is automatically entered.
  2. Course - Select the course to be added to the program from the drop down menu.
  3. Required - Select the required checkbox if the course must be taken to complete the selected program.
  4. Frequency(s) - The frequency the course must be repeated, if necessary1.
  5. Timeperiod - The units used to specify the course frequency.
  6. Position - Set the display position of each course in the program. Courses with lower position numbers are displayed first.
Select the Save changes button to assign the course to the program.

Assigning course to program screen

Once you have added courses to the program, they will show up in the overview screen, and enable you to set prerequisites and co-requisites, etc. Use the key icon to set prerequisites for the course. To edit the program settings for this course, select the pencil icon. To edit the course description settings, select the course name.

Required courses: if a course description is required in a program, then users will not be able to complete a program until they have completed the required course(s) in the program. For example, if a program requires 12 credits for completion, and has 5 optional 3 credit courses and 1 required 3 credit course, then users will need to complete at least 3 of the optional courses and the required course in order to complete the program.

Position: this will determine the sort order of the course in the program, a course in position 1 will show up above a course in position 2, etc.

Course description tab screen of program

1. Note that the frequency setting is currently just informational - to inform the learner they need to take a new course, and to inform a site admin that a learner needs a new course to take (via the Notifications system).

At this time there is not any automatic way to expire credit for a course a user has finished, or to prevent a user from taking a refresher course before a set number of days have passed.

For recurring courses, where users need to renew their credit, currently you need to create a new curriculum/courses/Moodle courses - ELIS can do this in one step as described here.

We are working on a more automated procedure for the courses that need to be taken over again - for compliance, etc. that will be in an upcoming release of ELIS.