ELIS 2.0 Manual

ELIS from a Learners Perspective

Learning Plan

The Learning Plan folder can be accessed by students in the Progress Reports block. There are three sections in the Learning Plan folder:
  • The "current classes" screen shows classes that you are enrolled in. You can link to their classes from this screen.
  • The "program overview" shows programs you are enrolled in along with the course descriptions for the program and the user status for each course description. You can also enroll in class instances from this screen.
  • The "waitlist courses" shows courses that you have been added to the waitlist for.
User's view of the learning plan folder:
Learning Plan links

Th next image shows a user's view of the Current Classes screen. The user is currently enrolled in 1 class. The user can link to the class by selecting "Moodle course" link in the Class column.

Current classes page

The following image shows the users view of the Program Overview screen. This screen displays all the programs the user is enrolled in. If the user is enrolled in the track of a program but not the program it makes no difference, they are displayed the same on this page. In all the examples on this page the user is enrolled in the programs, not tracks.

This user is enrolled in 3 programs. Enrolling users in programs will allow them to choose which instances of the classes of the progam they will enroll in. They will be able to choose from all available classes. If users are enrolling themselves in classes, the Program Overview screen is where they will choose their classes.

If auto-enroll is going to be used, it would be best to add users to a track of a program. Users won't have the option of enrolling themselves in classes when they are just added to the track, and tracks can be used to auto-enroll users in classes.

Program Overview page

In the following image the user selected a Choose Class link from the Program Overview screen, which opens a screen with all available instances of classes that user can enroll in. Selecting the Choose link next to a class will open a confirmation screen, where the user must confirm their class enrollment. If classes have a maximum number of users already enrolled, the user can choose to be added to the class waitlist.

Learner's choose class page