ELIS 2.0 Manual

Setting up Class Instances

Enrollments Tab

The Enrollments tab enables you to perform various batch operations (such as set completion status, set enrollment & completion time, change or update the status, and edit grades/credits.

The following image is showing the enrollments tab of a course. This page is mostly for display purposes, to edit user records or add users to the class you will link to additional screens:

Enrollments tab for a class instance

  1. In ELIS 1.8.8+, for easy access to enrolled users, the user's ID Number's are linked to their ELIS profile page, and their names are linked to their Moodle profile page (denoted by the Moodle logo).
  2. The "Bulk Edit" button at the bottom of the Enrollments page is a very powerful tool that lets you batch update a number of parameters as described below.
  3. The "Enroll Student" button enables you to batch enroll students into a class.
  4. The pencil icon lets you edit user records, completion elements can be edited from here along with the information shown on the enrollments page.
  5. Delete users from the class with this icon.

Bulk Edit Screen

The Bulk Edit screen is shown in the next image. Descriptions for the entries on this screen are below:
  1. Unenroll: Select the unenroll checkbox of users you want to unenroll from the class. Use the "Select All" checkbox if you want all users selected.
  2. ID Number and Name: These entries can not changed from this screen.
  3. Enrollment Time and Completion Time: Use the drop down menus to enter the enrollment time and completion time of users.
  4. Status: Use the drop down menu to set the status of users to not completed, failed, or passed. For face to face classes it is especially helpful to be able to globally set the completion status of a user.
  5. Grade: Enter users grade.
  6. Credits: Enter users credits.
  7. Locked: This is especially helpful to set a time when the records are closed from editing or changing from within an LMS based class, etc. The locked feature should be turned on if the user has passed the class or if you want to manually enter user records for the class. If you don't lock the record, then the record may be changed by the cron. That is the purpose of the "locked" field – to indicate that the field should not be touched by the cron.
Be sure to select the Save Changes button, located at the bottom left hand side of the bulk edit user list, when finished with editing.

Class enrollments tab bulk edit screen

Enroll Student Screen

The Enroll Student screen is similar to the Bulk Edit screen, except the main feature here is enrolling users. Use the checkboxes on the far left column of this chart for enrolling users. Use the Select All checkbox to select all the available users that can be enrolled in this class.

All the entries on this screen (except id number and name) can be edited when enrolling users, only the enrollment time will be automatically set when users are enrolled.

Class enrollments tab student enroll screen

Note: System level student roles can interfere with class enrollments. Consider the following when adding users to the system level student role:
  1. If a user is assigned the student role at the system level they are automatically enrolled in Moodle courses on the site and can't be deleted from the courses.
  2. If a Moodle course is linked to an ELIS class, the users in the course are automatically enrolled in the ELIS class.
  3. Users in this system level student role will be automatically enrolled in all ELIS classes linked to Moodle courses on the site. Since these users can't be deleted from the Moodle course, they will always be automatically enrolled in ELIS classes linked to Moodle courses once the cron runs, even if they were previously deleted from the ELIS class.
System roles are located in the Site Administration block > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles.

Bulk Edit for ELIS

In ELIS the bulk edit feature on the class enrollments tab has a different interface. It allows a way to bulk edit the following class enrollment fields:
  • Enrollment Date
  • Completion Date
  • Status
  • Grade
  • Credits
  • Locked
Select the Bulk Edit button on the class Enrollments tab to update the class enrollment fields for the students.

Bulk Edit button

To bulk edit the class enrollment fields:
  1. Select the enable checkbox next to the fields you want to edit.
  2. Select the values you want applied for the selected fields.
  3. Select the users to update, in this case I clicked the "Select All On This Page" button.
  4. Select the "Apply Enabled Values To All Selected Users" button to make the changes.
Bulk edit screen

Once the student information is updated select the Save Changes button to complete the editing and return to the Enrollments screen.

Save changes button on bulk edit page

In ELIS when you select Save Changes there is a confirmation screen. The confirmation screen shows each field that will be edited with the amount of users being edited for each field and the new value that will be applied to the users for the field. Selecting the number of users will show you the users. The following image shows an example.

Bulk edit confirmation screen