ELIS 2.0 Manual

Step by Step Example Program Setup

Adding a track

As we add the track we can select the program. As we can see in the diagram below, each track of a program is built off the courses in the program:

Track overview

We can navigate to the create track page in two ways:
  1. Go to the Program Management block > Program > Manage Tracks and then select the Add Track button.
  2. From the program we just created, go to the Tracks tab and select the Add Track button.
In this example case the Project Management Level One program has been preselected because I accessed the create track page from step 2 above. I'm checking the "Auto-create" checkbox, which will automatically create a class on the track for each course in the program. Auto-create will also create a new Moodle course, if there is a Moodle template course attached to the the ELIS course.

Creating track

Once the track is created, select the Classes tab to view the auto-created classes for the track. Make sure the settings for auto-created classes are correct. Auto-created classes will have the maximum number of students set to 0. Classes with the maximum number of students set to 0 will have no enrollment limit. If there is a class size limit be sure to edit the maximum number of students. Use the class link shown on the left hand side of the following image to go to the manage class screen.

Class Instances tab of track

To edit the auto-enroll settings for a class of the track, select the edit icon (pencil) shown on the right hand side of the previous image. A screen with a checkbox, "Auto-enroll users into this class when they are added to this track", will appear. Use the checkbox to edit the auto-enroll settings. The following image shows this setting.

Users can also be automatically added to the class from this screen with the "Enroll all users from this class now button". This is a helpful tool if you have added users to the track before auto-enroll was setup for the classes. This button will auto-enroll all users from the track in the class if they are not already enrolled. If the class is full, the user/users will be placed on the waitlist. User/users that have not completed a prerequisite course for the class will not be added to the class or waitlist until the prerequisite has been completed.

Class edit screen for track

Next we'll assign a user set to this track. In this example we'll assign the Project Management Level 1 user set to this track.

User Set tab of track

Once a user set is selected a screen appears with auto-enroll settings.

Track user set association auto-enroll settings

Save changes and the association is complete. This will load all users who have PM0 set for their Project Management profile field into this track of classes in Project Management.

User Set tab of track

Now all the users in the Project Management Level 1 user set are enrolled in the classes of the PM-L1 Track 1 track. To view the users, select the Users tab at the top of the screen.

If users are added to a track, they are added to a program that the track is an instance of; but if users are added to a class only, they must be added to the track (or program) manually.