ELIS 2.0 Manual

Step by Step Example Program Setup

Using a user set with a program

Now we will create a user set to add to the program. We can access the user set creation page by going to the Program Management block > Users > Manage User Sets and then select the Add User Set button.
This user set will be a user sub-set of the Project Management Level 1 user set. The reason I create a user sub-set here is because the PM-Level 1 user set will be associated with a track for auto-enrollment in class instances. This way I can associate users of the user sub-set with the program, letting the users enroll themselves in the class instances.

To add a user sub-set go to the parent user set and on the User Subsets tab select the Add User Set button.

Add User Set button

This user set will not be auto-associated with any profile fields, users will be manually added to the user set.

Adding user sub-set

Once the user sub-set is created we can associate it with a program. Select the Programs tab to auto-associate this user sub-set to a program.

Associating a user set with a program

As the program is selected in the previous image the following screen appears with auto-enroll settings. Select the Save changes button and the user set is auto-associated to the program. Users will be auto-enrolled in the program when they are assigned to this user set.

Auto-enroll settings for user set-program association

Now users in the user set will be able to self-enroll in class instances of the courses in the program.

Programs tab of user sub-set