ELIS 2.0 Manual

ELIS Users

CSV Upload of Users

CSV upload can be used to create/update users and edit user profile field values. The profile field values can be used to assign users to clusters. First, the profile field has to be created in Moodle. Moodle Profile Fields were covered earlier in this chapter.

To create a Moodle profile field go to Settings block > Site Administration > Users > Accounts > User Profile Fields. For this example we will use a menu of choices profile field, Math Level. The short name for this field is "mathlevel". For this profile field the menu options (values) being set with the file are "ML4" and "ML5".

Creating Moodle profile field

In the CSV file "profile_field_" is entered in the header before the shortname of the profile field. The last column of the next image demonstrates this. The entry in the column header is "profile_field_mathlevel". The value assigned to the users is one of the menu options for the Math Level profile field.

Example of CSV upload

To upload the CSV file go to the Settings block > Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Upload users. Select the Choose a file button.

Upload users link

A pop-up window will open for selecting a file to be uploaded. The following image demonstrates selecting a desktop file. Select the "Upload this file" button to return to the Upload users screen.

Upload users choose a file pop up window

On the Upload users screen select the "Upload users" button.

Upload users link with selected file

Once the file is uploaded, a list of the uploaded users is shown along with a list of additional settings that can be applied to the users. Review the list of settings before finishing the upload. The following image shows an example of the settings on the preview screen.
  1. Upload type: Enter the type of upload. For this example "Add new and update existing users" is selected.
  2. Other fields: This is a list of the custom profile fields not being set by the file, these are considered defaults on this screen.
Upload users settings

Once the additional settings have been reviewed and adjusted, complete the user upload by selecting the Continue button at the bottom of the page. For this example the new users will be created in Moodle and then id numbers will be manually added to add the users to ELIS as well. Users are only created in ELIS if they have id numbers, users can have id numbers automatically created from their username if set in the Program Management block > Admin > Configuration > User Settings. All information from CSV upload is applied to the users as soon as the upload is complete.

Uploaded users results

User Set Assignment with Profile Fields

Users can be automatically assigned to user sets by custom Moodle profile fields. In the example above we created a profile field, Math Level, and assigned the 4 users the value ML4 for that profile field. Next we will create a user set and automatically associate all users with their Math Level profile field set to ML4.

Creating user set associated to profile field

Once the user set is created, all users that have their Math Level profile field set "ML4" are automatically assigned to the Math Level 4 user set.

Users tab of user set

If we want to move the users to another user set we can do that by updating user data via CSV upload. For example, change the custom profile field Math Level to ML5 for a couple users in the file, have that value auto-associate to another user set.

Uploading users preview screen

When updating existing users there are additional settings, for example the "Existing user details" field. For this example "Override with file" is selected. Some settings refer to defaults. Defaults are referring to the profile field values that are listed in the "Other fields" section. Any of the profile field values not set in the file can be set on the preview screen as "Default values". All the users in the file will be assigned the default values from the preview screen when existing user details is set to "Override with file and defaults".