ELIS 2.0 Manual


New Registrants by Student

The New Registrants Grouped by Student report creates a list of users who have newly registered for a Course Description within a designated time frame. The data will be organized by student. For example, if a user has been enrolled in multiple Course Descriptions in specified time frame, his or her name will appear followed by a listing of Course Descriptions with dates of enrollment. If a user has not newly registered in a Course Description in the specified time frame, the learner will not be listed in the report.

Report Requirements
A user must be newly registered in an ELIS Course Description in the time frame designated (if any).

Report Filter
There are two filters for this report. Neither is required. If all defaults are used to the run the report, the report will show a list of all ELIS Course Descriptions on the site with the enrollment dates for all enrollees.
  1. Select the date range for this report: There are three choices here that may be used in combination.
    • "is after" - users who have newly registered in a Course Description(s) after this date.
    • "is before" - users who have newly registered in a Course Description(s) before this date.
  2. Select the organizational User Sets to view: User Sub-Sets may also be chosen. If a User Set is chosen all users within the User Set who are newly registered in the time frame selected (if any) will be included in the report.
New Registrants by Student Report filter

The next image shows the report generated from the report options above. The report displays the users who have newly registered into ELIS classes within the date range. Below each user's name is a list of CDs/CIs they have enrolled in with the registration dates.

Explanation of Report Data

Student Name: Name of learner newly registered.
User ID Number: User ID number.
Class ID: ELIS Class ID number.
Course Name: ELIS Course Description name.
Start Date: Date the learner was enrolled in the ELIS CI.

New Registrants Grouped by Course Description report:
New Registrants by Student Report

To change report options, click on the "Configure Parameters" icon located in the upper left hand corner of the report.

To schedule the report to run at specific time(s) in the future, select the "Schedule Reports" icon in the upper right hand corner of the report. For details on setting report parameters when scheduling reports, please see the report scheduling documentation.

The report can be exported in PDF or CSV format. To export the report, select either the "Download PDF" or "Download CSV" icons located in the upper left hand corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer.

Report data can be updated automatically, without needing to go back to the report parameters, by clicking the "Refresh" button located at the bottom center of the report page.