ELIS 2.0 Manual

Admin Folder

ELIS Program Administration Menu

ELIS Dynamic Program Administration Menu:
ELIS has a dynamic 'tree' menu which enables users to navigate Programs or organizational structures. Programs can be complex; this menu is designed to make it easier to see the structure of a program and to navigate directly to the part of the program you wish to view or edit.

The ELIS Program Administration Menu with user sets at the top level displays:
  1. A top level organizational user set
  2. Two sub-clusters of the organizational cluster
  3. A program called Sales Training which is associated with a top level user set (in this case all users in Tampa Office User Set have access to the Sales Training program)
Program Management block

The menu can be set to show either Programs or organizational user sets at the top level. Which you will prefer will depend on how you use ELIS. Many organizations want to set up a functional hierarchy. For instance, user sets whose reports need to be seen by a regional quality control manager might set up a user set structure to facilitate that, and display that structure at the top level.

A company might set up User Sets and User Sub-Sets to match their regional and departmental structure, and want to view that structure at the top level.

Likewise, a content provider selling programs may want programs at the top level, in order to easily view which organizations have purchased which programs.

Click the Configuration link to set Program or User Sets at the top level:

Program Management block
  1. Set how many Programs or organizational user sets to show in the menu.
  2. Choose whether or not to show User Sets at the top level.
  3. Choose whether or not to show Programs at the top level.
Program Admin User Set listing

The ELIS Program Administration Menu with Programs at the top level displays:

Program Management block
  1. Program in the ELIS Program Administration Menu
  2. An expanded program showing Course Descriptions of a Program
  3. A track of the program
  4. Class Instances of the Track
  5. User Set associated to the Program

    Ordering items in the ELIS Program Administration Menu:

    You can control the order in which items appear in the Dynamic Menu with the display settings.

    Programs can be arranged using the Display Priority setting in the program Editing screen:
    Display Priority

    Programs with lower numbered Display Priority show up first (from the top) in the Dynamic Menu. If several Programs share the same priority, then they are displayed alphabetically.

    When there are several courses in a Program, they show up in the order that is set in their Position setting. Course Description Position can be edited in the Course Descriptions tab of the program editing screen:

    Program CD Menu
    1. Courses descriptions in the First Responder Certificate program
    2. The current Position settings for the courses
    3. Edit course position by selecting the edit pencil.
    CD details

    Set the Position of the course in the ELIS dynamic menu.

    User set Display Priority:

    When Organizational user sets are displayed at the top level of the ELIS Program Management Menu, their order can be managed via the User Set Display priority setting in the User Set editing screen:
    User Set Display Priority

    The User Sets are ordered according to display priority, with higher numbers shown before lower numbers. For example, a display priority of 2 will be shown before a display priority of 1.

    More information, seeĀ ELIS Organizational user sets.