ELIS 2.0 Manual

Organizational User Sets

Organizational User Set User Management

In conjunction with ELIS Roles, organizational user sets can be used to provide fine grained user management, so that an administrator of a user set or user sub-set can manage the enrollment of the users in his/her user set, but not manage (or even see) users in other user sets.

For example, a user can be assigned to an Administrator role in a user set, and then that user can see and edit the users in his/her user set, but not the users in other user sets on the site.

In the example below, the user Steve is assigned as the User Set Administrator Role in the ACME Software user set.

Assining a role in user set

Because he has this role, when Steve logs in he sees the Manage Users and Manage User Sets links(1):

Manage users screen

When he clicks this, he sees the users in his user set(2), and can edit those users(3):
Manage users screen

What Steve can do is limited by the settings of the role he is in, for instance roles can be crafted that let Steve enroll his employees in classes, but not edit their information.