ELIS 2.0 Manual

Organizational User Sets

User Set Administrator Role

The User Set Administrator role limits the users an administrator can manage to just the users in user sets where they are assigned this role. Users assigned this role in a user set will have the same permissions for user sub-sets of the user set.

If the user set administrator should have permissions to create programs, courses, etc. then we recommend creating a second role for program permissions. The user can be assigned the user set administrator role in a user set, and the program administrator role in a program. The following examples will demonstrate how to setup both roles.

User Set Administrator Role

To create a new role go to the Settings block > Site Administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles and select the "Add a new role" button, or select the edit button for an existing role.

For this role the following permissions have been set to allow in the ELIS Program section of the role permissions screen:
  1. Associate program management items - elis/program:associate
  2. Manage user set's users' class instance enrollments - elis/program:class_enrol_userset_user
  3. View class instance - elis/program:class_view
  4. View course description - elis/program:course_view
  5. Manage User Set's users' program enrollments - elis/program:program_enrol_userset_user
  6. View program - elis/program:program_view
  7. Manage User Set's users' track enrollments - elis/program:track_enrol_userset_user
  8. View tracks - elis/program:track_view
  9. Manage User Set's users' user sub-set membership - elis/program:userset_enrol_userset_user
  10. Only assign roles in a User Set to User Set members - elis/program:userset_role_assign_userset_users
  11. View User Set - elis/program:userset_view
Other useful permissions for a user set administrator are the ELIS report permissions, to assign report permissions go to the ELIS Report section of the role permissions screen. There are 3 ELIS report permissions for roles:
  1. Manage ELIS report schedules - block/php_report:manageschedules
  2. Schedule ELIS reports - block/php_report:schedule
  3. View ELIS reports - block/php_report:view
Since the user set administrator is assigned the report permissions in a user set context, they will only be able to produce reports with users assigned to user sets where they are the user set administrator. The reports available will also be limited for the this user set administrator role.

Once the permissions are set, save the new role. Now users can be assigned the User Set Administrator role in user sets.

Go to the Roles tab of the user set a user will administer and select the role you want to assign the user to from the Name column.

User set Roles tab

After selecting the role a screen opens with assigned/unassigned users for the role in the user set:
  1. Select the Unassigned link, to display a list of unassigned users.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select users, use the filter located above the user list to find a user/users.
  3. Select the Assign roles button to finish.
User set Roles tab unassigned link

Login As User Set Administrator

When the user set administrator logs in they will be able to access the user set from the Program Management block, shown in the image below. In this example the user could link to the ACME Software(1) user set directly or use the Manage User Sets(2) link. In this example the test user selected the Manage User Sets link.

View of user set administrator

The reports available to the user also depends on the permissions. With the 15 permissions set to allow for this role, a user assigned this role in a user set would have access to generate the following reports with data for the user set, user sub-sets of the user set, and users of the user set and user sub-sets:
  1. Programs report
  2. Course Completion by User Set report
  3. Individual Course Progress Report
  4. Individual User report
  5. New Registrants by Student report
  6. Non-starter report
  7. Sitewide Time Summary report
  8. Sitewide Transcript report

Program Administrator Role

In some instances the user set administrators will need to have permissions for creating programs, courses, etc. associated to the user sets they are managing. To achieve these permissions it is best to create a program administrator role and assign a user the role in programs.

For this role the following permissions have been set to allow:

ELIS Program section
  1. Associate program management items - elis/program:associate
  2. Create class instance - elis/program:class_create
  3. View class instance - elis/program:class_view
  4. Create course description - elis/program:course_create
  5. View course description - elis/program:course_view
  6. Create program - elis/program:program_create
  7. View program - elis/program:program_view
  8. Create track - elis/program:track_create
  9. View track - elis/program:track_view
Now the user assigned the user set administrator role above will be assigned the new program administrator role in a program.