ELIS 2.0 Manual

ELIS Data Hub 2

New Features for ELIS Data Hub 2

1. User Sets/Clusters can be created, updated, and deleted.

2. Enrollments files now allow:

3. Create or update: This is a new import setting, located on the Settings block > Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Data Hub plugins > Version 1 ELIS import. If enabled, all create or update actions on users are converted to create actions if the entity does not already exist, or update actions if the entity exists.

4. There is now support for multivalued custom fields. For example, if there is a menu of choices profile field you can select multiple options. Each option is separated by a /. The format looks like this, option1/option2/option3.

5. The log UI has been improved. Logs can be linked to from the Data Hub block > Data Hub logs link.