ELIS 2.0 Manual

Organizational User Sets

Using user sets to auto-enroll users in programs/tracks

From the manage user set screen you can select the Tracks or Programs tabs for the user set and associate an existing program/track to the user set.

Tracks and Programs tabs of user set

When a program/track are selected to be associated to the user set a screen appears with auto-enroll settings for the program/track.

Selecting track for association to user set

Select the Save changes button when finished and the program/track will be associated to the user set.

Auro-enroll settings for user set-program association

In this example a track is being associated to the user set, and users of the user set will be auto-enrolled in the track.

Once a user has been auto-enrolled in a program or track via association with a user set, the user can not be unenrolled from the program/track by:
  1. Deleting the user set
  2. Removing the association between user set and program/track
  3. Removing the user from the user set
The user has to be unenrolled from the program or track directly. For example, go to the Users tab of the program/track and remove the user from the list.