ELIS 2.0 Manual

ELIS Programs

Managing Program Users

You can add and remove users from a program using the new batch user management interface as described below.
  1. First, select the users icon from the list of program (or go into a program and select the "Users" tab).
Manage program user icon
  1. The filter interface lets use find users by searching for them, enter the text you want to search for in the search boxes. Click "Show Advanced" to search by custom profile fields, etc. Click the "Add filter" button to run your search.
  2. We can select all these users, or just some of them
User tab of program
  1. Select users
  2. And click the "Assign" button - this will add these users to the program.
Users tab of program
  1. To view users who are currently in the Program, click the "Assigned" link in the ELIS program "Users" tab.
Assigned user list for program

To remove users:
  1. Select the users in the assigned tab,
  2. and click the "Unassign" button.
Unassign users from program

This function lets you find users who are assigned or not assigned to a program quickly. However the number of users you can act on is currently limited by the page size (this is because WebBrowsers have performance issues when trying to display very large numbers of items). If you need to add or remove 1000s or 10,000s of users, you may want to try Data Hub, which enables batch operations on ELIS course descriptions, class instances, users, and programs via a CSV file.