ELIS 2.0 Manual


Course Progress Summary Report

The Course Description Progress Summary reports provides administrators with an overview of overall learner progress toward completion.

Report Requirements

If a Program is selected for this report, a user must be
  1. enrolled in a class whose parent Course Description is in that Program AND
  2. assigned to that Program (or Track)

Report Filters

  1. Select the Program or all Programs: select a Program or leave set to default "No filtering" to include data for Course Descriptions.
  2. Select the Organizations/User Sets to show or show all: select a User Set or leave to default "is any value" to included all users.
  3. Choose Custom Course Fields to show on report: Click the Add button to --selecting this phrase activates a pop-up window with the names of any ELIS Course Description custom fields that have been added to your ELIS site. Select one at a time to bring custom fields data into the report. Image 2 shows the filter screen after two custom-fields have been selected.
  4. Show Course Descriptions starting between these dates: select date range for Course Description data generated in the report. Course Descriptions with users starting within this date range will be included in report data. If left to default, data will be included back to first users beginning in a Course Description.

Image 1: Filter screen with the Add custom fields pop-up active:

Course Progress Custom Fields

Image 2: Filter screen after a custom Course Description fields has been added to the filter.
Custom Fields on Report

  1. A custom field that has been added
  2. Click this to close the window
  3. Other CD custom fields that can be added

Explanation of Report Data
Image 3 below, shows the Course Description Progress Summary report with no Course Description fields added to the filter. The report in Image 4 was generate with two Course Description fields, pre-test and post-test, added as shown in Image 2 above.

  1. Programs: If a Program was selected it will be shown here, otherwise "All" will be displayed. All ELIS Course Description data will be included in the report data.
  2. Date Range of Report: The date range that was selected in the report filter. Data will be displayed for users who have began ELIS classes within this time frame.
  3. Organization/User Set: The User Set that was selected in teh report filter. If no User Set was selected, all users data will be included in the report data.
  4. Course Descriptions in Report: Number of ELIS Course Descriptions included in the report data.
  5. Course Description: Names of ELIS Course Descriptions included in the report data.
  6. Progress: Visual display of the user overall progress toward completion in the report. Progress is determined by number of learning objectives completed in the Course Description. If there are no learning objectives in a Course Description, N/A will display.
  7. % Students Passing: the percent of students who's Moodle final grade is currently equal to or above the ELIS Course Description grade setting. If no ELIS Course Description grade was entered in the ELIS Course Description configuration screen, then N/A will display.
Image 3: Course Description Progress Summary with no Course Description fields selected.
Course Progress Report Output

To change report options, click on the "Configure Parameters" icon located in the upper left hand corner of the report.

To schedule the report to run at specific time(s) in the future, select the "Schedule Reports" icon in the upper right hand corner of the report. For details on setting report parameters when scheduling reports, please see the report scheduling documentation.

The report can be exported in PDF or CSV format. To export the report, select either the "Download PDF" or "Download CSV" icons located in the upper left hand corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer.

Report data can be updated automatically, without needing to go back to the report parameters, by clicking the "Refresh" button located at the bottom center of the report page.