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ELIS Data Hub 2

Importing very large user and enrollment files:

Importing very large user and enrollment files:

Moodle relies on a timed procedure, know as the Moodle cron, to run many recurring tasks, such as sending notifications, forum posts, and messages, running reports such as ELIS reports and completion checking, and integration related batch processes such as LDAP synchronization. By default, Data Hub also uses the Moodle cron to process enrollment files. When these files exceed 40,000 lines of data, it may take too long to run, causing other operations to fail to run.

To address this issue for very large enrollment/user creation files, we implemented a separate system-level cron process to call the Data Hub processes by itself which will not impact the Moodle cron from running regularly.

To disable Data Hub plugin from running in the Moodle cron go to the Settings block > Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Data Hub. This will turn off the standard cron process for Data Hub - this will stop Data Hub from processing files, so please makes sure Remote-Learner support confirms that the Data Hub Cron is operational before this is activated.

Data Hub setting
If you need to run very large enrollment files, please open a support ticket to have the optional large file processing cron task setup for you - checking the box in the example above will not setup the Data Hub cron for you, it will just disable the standard cron, meaning DH will no longer run.

Remote-Learner support will have to configure your server to run the actual cron to process the Data Hub files. Running the specialized DH cron also requires that your hosting level be at our Hosting Level 3, or above, or on our Red Hat Enterprise Virtual server system.