ELIS 2.0 Manual


Scheduling the UCCR

Scheduling the report

Scheduling the Configurable UCCR works the same way as scheduling other reports. Because it is so highly configurable, scheduled UCCRs have many uses. Below we will walk through the steps of scheduling the UCCR to deliver a weekly report showing students who are enrolled in a class but who have not started it yet.

Scheduling an Ad Hoc UCCR Report

For this particular report, I have also elected to show the program, the learner's email, their manager's email, and their class role. In this case, I show their email on the report so that the Compliance Officer will send an email the learner's to find out why they have not started, and optionally email their manager to remind them.

The first step is to go to the Report Scheduling interface:
Schedule Reports link
Then click the scheduling icon next to the report's name.
UCCR schedule reports link
Click the New job button.
Starting a new reporting job
  1. Label the new report - this will help you find it later and serve as the subject line for the emailed report.
  2. Enter an optional description - this is just for your information, you will later have a chance to enter a message to go along with the emailed report.
  3. Click the Next button - this will save your entries and move you to the next step.
Setting when the report runs
  1. Set the start and recurrence parameters. I want this report to run every Monday, so I choose Calendar recurrence
  2. I set the report to run on Monday
  3. I choose all months, and click the Next button

Choose the class to report on

  1. There are many options on this screen for filtering data. Since I want to only show a single class on this report, I first double click the course - this shows the classes of the course.
  2. Then I click the Class (on a site with fewer classes it will work fine to simply click the ELIS Class - on sites with thousands of classes it helps to first select the course so you see only classes of that course.
  3. Finally, I want to see people on the report who are enrolled in the ELIS Class but who have not logged in to the linked Moodle course. SO I select the "Not Started" status value, which (since I already filtered the report to only show me data from this class) will list everyone on the report who has enrolled in the selected ELIS class but who has not logged in to the linked Moodle course.

Titling the new report job and selecting display parameters

Next I will enter a Report title and select the data to be included on the report. For this report, I'll select the user's email - so employees who show up on the report can be contacted. I will then scroll down and also select the Manager's Email (a custom field), and the Manager's name (also a custom field). This will let the Compliance Officer notify the employee's manager.

Of course you can select as many of the standard and/or custom fields as you need to for your report. Just note that if you do select the Curriculum field and do not filter on curriculum, you will see information for all the curricula your learners are in on the Excel report.

The Details report will not be emailed, so I will skip these fields and click Next.

Setting the report format

At step 4, select a format - there is only one format for the scheduled UCCR report - Excel/CSV (comma separated values) - however you still need to select it.

Setting who to send the report to

  1. This is the screen where we select the people to send the report to. Be careful here - when sent via email the report does not check data permissions the way it does when viewed in the ELIS interface - whoever you send this report to will see all the data on the report. You can send the report to multiple people by separating their email addresses with commas.
  2. You can enter an optional message - this message will appear in the email body of the report.

Click Next.

The last screen will show you the settings you have currently scheduled for your report.

The final report scheduling screen shows the parameters chosen and asks for confirmation

If these settings are correct, then click the Finish button at the bottom of the screen. If you need to change anything you can use the Previous button at the bottom of the screen, or click the section you need to go back to at the top of the screen. All settings will be saved.

After clicking Finish, you will see a confirmation that the report was successfully saved. Click the "Return to scheduled jobs" link to return to the Scheduled Jobs for the UCCR report overview screen.

Viewing scheduled jobs

You can add a new job now, or select a job and test run it, or copy it to get a jump start on creating a new, similar job.

Finally, I'll check my email to see if I got the report (I selected Run selected job now).

Viewing the report

Viewing the email, I can see the title, and the message.

Viewing the report in email

Click the CSV file to open it Excel or other office application (OpenOffice, etc.):

Viewing an emailed report in Excel