ELIS 2.0 Class Request Block

Class Request Page

To access the Class Request Page select the link as shown in the following image. To view the Class Request Page link a user must have the following permission enabled in a role they are assigned, Request creation of new classes - block/course_request:request.

Class Request Block for a user with class request permissions only. For this example I've logged in as a user assigned the Request Manager role at the site level.

Class request page link

The Class Request Page has 4 functions:
  1. To show the current classes
  2. To create new class request for a new class of an existing course
  3. To request a complete new course/class
  4. To show the status of class and/or course requests.

Current Classes Tab

The following image shows the Current Classes screen that appears once the Class Request Page link is selected. This screen also has links to the Create New Request page and the Requests tab.

Create new request button

Create New Class or Course Request

From the Current tab, select the Create New Request button at the bottom of the page. The following screen will appear.

Create new request form
  1. Select "From New Course" to create a new course, or select an existing course from the drop down menu to request a new class of an existing course.
  2. Enter a Course Name to identify the course (these settings may be changed if the course is approved). If the user also had approve class request permission they would also see a Course ID Number field.
  3. These are custom course fields that have been added to the form. If using an existing course for the class request then the custom course fields will not be editable from this page.
  4. In this example, the user can edit custom class fields for the class request. If the user also had approve class request permission they would also see a Class Id Number field.
  5. By default, the user information for the current logged in user is entered in the User Information form. You can change this if you are requesting a class or course for a different user.
  6. Save changes to send the request for processing.
When a new class or course request is made, the Site Manager (or any user with permission to approve class requests) will be notified by Moodle message. If the site manager is offline, an email will be sent. The class/course request will also be displayed in the Requests tab of the class requester, shown below.

The class settings for the classes created through the class request process can be controlled by the Class Default Settings - To edit these settings go to the Program Management block > Admin > Default Class settings.

If a role is assigned the class request and class approval permissions then users in that role will have their class request automatically approved when submitted.

Class/Course Request Status

The Requests tab displays requested classes, request status, and request notices. When the site manager responds to requests this page will be updated and the class requester will receive a Moodle message with the information. If the user is offline they will receive an email.

Notices posted to the request by the site manager can be linked to by selecting the View link, shown in the right side of following image. Notices are also included in the messages.

Request tab