ELIS 2.0 Class Request Block

Filtering Classes that can be Requested

In ELIS 1.8.8 we added the capability to filter the classes a user can request based on their role assignments in ELIS.

In the previous version, a person requesting a class had a system level role, and could request a class of any course on the site.

Now the courses available for class request can be limited to specific courses and programs as well. So a role that has the 'Request creation of new classes' capability allowed, can be assigned at course, program, and system levels.

For example, if a user has a role assignment with permission to request classes in an ELIS program, they can see all courses of that program, but not courses in a different program.

In the following example, a role has been created called "Request Manager". This role has permission to request new classes.

Request manager role

Next we can assign that role in a Program - here we will go into a program named "Management Certificate".

Manage programs page

In the Roles tab for the program, select the Class Request Manager role.

Program Roles tab

Select a user - in this case Tom Callahan, and click the Assign roles button. This assigns the user to this role in the program.

Assigning a role in a program

Now if we login as this user, we can see the Class Request Page link in the Class Request block.

Class request block

We can see this link because we have permission to request a class in an ELIS context (the Class Request block needs to be loaded on the site home page site or in a course).

When we click it, when logged in as the user in the role above, we'll see the class request page.

Create new request button

When clicking the "Create New Request" button, we can select only courses in the current program to request a class of or we can request a new course/class.

Creating a new request

Since this program only has two courses, and the user has only been given this role in this program, they can see only the two courses to request a class of.