Alfresco for Moodle 2.3

The Moodle Interface to the Repository

In Moodle 2, each user has their own file space, called My private files. In Moodle 2.3, My private files can be linked to by going to the Navigation block > My Profile > (1)My private files. If their Moodle role has access to the ELIS files repository, they will be able to access, edit, and add files from their repository space.

User's ELIS files

Users can add to their private repository space by clicking the (2)Add button. Files can also be uploaded to the repository space by dragging and dropping files onto the space.

Selecting the Add... button to add files to your repository space takes a few extra steps. The Add link opens the file picker. From there you can select the Upload a file link from the menu and upload files to the repository space.

File picker window upload a file screen