Alfresco for Moodle 2.3

Managing Users for Repository Spaces

Users can be assigned to course spaces and other user's spaces in the repository. When adding users to the spaces, the users roles are assigned for that space.

This page shows an example of a repository space for teacher documents. We will add a user to this space. Managing users for a user space is done in the same way, except we would be starting from a User space instead of the Teacher Document space.

The following image shows the space Teacher Documents. Next we'll go to the More Actions menu, scroll down the list, and select Manage Space Users as shown in the next image. The View Details link from the same drop down menu will have a list of actions available also.

Manage space users link

A new screen opens, Manage Space Users 'Teacher Documents'. To the right of this is the Invite link marked by the red arrow in the following image. Select the Invite link to manage users in the space.

Space invite link

The Invite link opens up a 3 step manage users wizard.

Step 1:
Manage users wizard step 1
A (1)search will have to be performed to find a user/users to invite to the space. Once the user/users are (2)selected, choose the (3)role to be assigned to the user/users. Multiple users can be selected at once here. Select the (4)Add to list button to finish assigning the user to the role for the space. The user is added to the (5)selected users area. Select the (6)Next button on the right hand side of the screen to go to the next step.

Step 2:
Manage users wizard step 2
Choose (1)yes or no for email notification. Editing the (2)email message is optional. Select the (3)Next button to continue to the next step.

Step 3:
Manage users wizard step 3
Step 3 provides a summary of the users added along with their roles in the space. Select the Finish button to complete the role assignment.

The following image is showing the updated view of the users for this space.

Listed users of a repository space

The users added to this space will be able to access this folder when they login to the repository. This folder will not be displayed in user's space, but users can search for the space or locate it on the Company Home screen in this instance.

The search window is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Use the drop down menu to narrow the items searched or to perform an advanced search.