Moodle 2.3 Theme Engine

Setting theme colors

On the Colors tab (1) you can set the colors of most items in your theme.
RL Master Colors tab
  1. Click the colors tab to get to the theme color editor.
  2. Click on an existing color to open the color picker.
  3. Select a color by clicking it, or type in the hexadecimal directly (in the # space on the editor).
  4. Click OK to set the color, or cancel to cancel (remember to click Save Changes at the bottom of the form also).
Once we save our changes, the "Sample" tab updates with the new color settings.

RL Master Colors tab

The borders of blocks show the new color as well.

Border color of a block

The next example is changing the Block Color background to #E1E0DD.

RL Master Colors tab

Once the changes are saved the new Block Color background is displayed.

New block color background