Moodle 2.3 Theme Engine

Miscellaneous Settings

This section of AutoTheme enables you to change the login info link location, modify the corner rounding on the headers and blocks, set the heading height, spacing, highlighting, etc.

Go to the Miscellaneous tab to get started. Edit the settings here and save changes to see the results.

RL Master Miscellaneous tab
  1. Custom Menu: This setting controls where the custom menu is displayed.
  2. Login Info Top: This moves the login info up and down. 0px will dislpay the login info at the top while adding 100px will move the login info down 100px from the top.
  3. Header Corners: This will change the header corners, higher numbers will lead to rounder corners.
  4. Heading Height: This will change the height of the block heading
    Block heading
  5. Block Corners: This will change the roundness of the block corners - higher numbers will result in rounder corners.
RL Master Miscellaneous tab
  1. Block Control Position: Set the block control position to the top, middle, or bottom of the block heading.
  2. Block Spacing: This will set the space between blocks (px works here as well as em)Block spacing
  3. Tagline: This will print a line under the site title - but not when the there is a logo header image uploaded. For example, if we enter "Enterprise Open Source" in the tagline then it will be printed beneath the site title if there is no leftside Header image as shown in the left side of the graphic below. If there is a header image on the left side, then the tagline and site title will be hidden.Tagline
  4. Show Heading Bar: This will hide the "Topic Outline" title and bar in a course if it is set to "Hide".
    Hide or show topic
  5. Week Highlight: This will change the Week Highlight from the full length week highlight to just the ends of the week.
Full highlighting highlights the entire week as shown above. The highlight color is set in the Colors tab.