ELIS 2013 Manual

Setting Up Class Instances

Wait Listing

Waitlist Setup

ELIS enables you to set enrollment limits for classes - by setting the Max # of students.

Class waitlist settings

Waitlist for ELIS Administrators

From an administrator's point of view, ELIS will warn you if you are trying to manually enroll users in a full class. You are then able to place the users on the wait list or over-enroll them into the class.

When you try to enroll students in a full class, you are presented with a screen with some options:
  1. Over Enroll - Enrolls the user is the class, overriding the max students setting.
  2. Add To Waitlist - Adds the user to the wait list
  3. Skip Enrollment - User isn't enrolled or added to the waitlist
Add user to class waitlist

After choosing one of the three options select the Submit Query button to finish, in this instance the user is being added to the waitlist. Later, you can view the wait list, and see where students are.

Class waitlist

If currently enrolled users are removed from the full class, then the users on the wait list are added automatically.

If an administrator increases the maximum number of students, in a course, then students on the wait list are automatically enrolled.

If a user set of users is added to a track and auto-enrolled in classes with less seats available then users in the user set, then students will be place on the wait list. When more than one user is added to the waitlist at a time, they are added in alphabetical order.

If you want to auto-enroll users in the class from the waitlist as enrolled users complete the class, select the 'Auto-enroll users from waitlist' checkbox. The checkbox is located on the bottom of the creating/editing class screens.

Waitlists for Students

The following images will demonstrate how students add themselves to the waitlist. To start I've logged in as a student and selected the Program Overview link as shown in the next image.

Learners program overview

When the student selects Choose class from the image above, he/she will select from a list of available classes.

There is only one class in this instance.

Learner choosing a class instance

The student can see how many users are on the waitlist, and choose to put themselves on the waitlist by selecting the Enroll button.

Learner confirming waitlist screen

The students can see the courses they are on the waitlist of by checking the ELIS Administration block > Learning Plan > Waitlist link. They can see which number on the waitlist they are, and remove themselves from the waitlist.

Learning plan waitlist screen

When a spot in a class opens up, the first student on the waitlist is enrolled - and sent an email letting them know they now have a seat in the class.

User's updated Program Overview screen:
Learner's program overview

Limitations of Waitlisting:

As noted above, Wait listing is a function of ELIS Classes - for use when ELIS is used as the enrollment system. When enrollment is managed via ELIS, ELIS can set seat limits in ELIS classes and thus the associated Moodle courses with these limitations:

  1. If multiple ELIS classes are linked to the same Moodle course, then the Moodle course with have enrollments from both ELIS Classes, and will not be limited by one ELIS class's seat limit.
  2. If students are enrolled via Moodle's internal enrollment methods, then ELIS can't limit the number of users in the Moodle class - ELIS can only manage seat limits in Moodle classes when ELIS is used as the enrollment system for the Moodle class.