ELIS 2013 Manual

Setting Up Class Instances

Linking Classes to Moodle Courses

ELIS Class Instances can be linked to Moodle courses in two ways: Template or Link.

If you select the template option, ELIS will automatically create a new Moodle course and link it to your ELIS Class - the students in the ELIS class will see all the content and activities that were in the Moodle course.

If you link it to the Moodle course instead, then the ELIS Class will be linked to the Moodle course.

Users enrolled in an ELIS class linked to a Moodle course will be automatically enrolled in the Moodle course. The ELIS class instance start date is applied to the Moodle course enrollment in ELIS versions,, and This results in the user not being able to access the Moodle course until the start date listed for the ELIS class instance.

Enrollment synchronization from the Moodle course to the ELIS class/classes depends on how many classes are linked to the course.
  • If one ELIS Class is linked to one Moodle course, then the enrollments from the Moodle course will be synched to the ELIS class.
  • If multiple ELIS classes are linked to the same Moodle course, then enrollments in the ELIS classes will be kept separate.
Linking multiple ELIS classes to one Moodle course is a good model to reduce the number of Moodle courses on your site - often this is known as "cross listing".

Linking an ELIS class to a Moodle course