ELIS 2013 Manual

ELIS Roles

Using Assigned User Sets

We now login as the user we assigned previously as the user set administrator. Because this user is assigned to at least one user set, they see the "Manage User Sets" link, and can select it.

Because the user is enrolled as the User Set Administrator of the Acme Corporation, she/he can see the ACME Corporation User Set, and also see the various editing icons for the user set.

Using a user set administrator role

The user set administrator can also view/edit the users of the user set on the Manage Users screen or on the Bulk user actions screen. The Manage Users screen is shown in the next image. The user set administrator can edit any of the user's profiles of his/her user set by clicking on their Name, ID Number, or Edit icon.

Using a user set administrator role
As they are only assigned a role in the ACME Corporation user set - they can only see users who are in the ACME Corp. user set. In the image some users have more icons available, this is because some users are assigned to user sub-sets of the user set so the user set administrator has less permissions with those users.

When a user set administrator also has a role assigned within the program context with the permissions to view, create, and delete tracks, the administrator will be able to assign the tracks he or she creates to the user set. Likewise, the administrator could also assign the user set or user set users to the tracks he/she has created.