ELIS 2013 Manual

Organizational User Sets

Creating Groups in Moodle Based on User Sets

Creating Groups in a Moodle Course Based on User Sets

1. Enable the following setting:
  • Program Management block > Admin > Configuration > User Set Group Settings section:
    • Allow course-level group population from User Sets: Enabling this setting allows the Program Management system to automatically add users to groups in Moodle courses based on User Set membership. Groups will be created when the first user from a user set is added to a Moodle course.
    • Note: Be cautious when enabling this setting, as it will cause the Program Management system to immediately search for all appropriate users across all necessary user sets, which may take a long time.
2. Create:
  • A Moodle course. Moodle courses have a Groups section, groups will need to be enabled in the course for ELIS to create groups in the Moodle course.
  • An ELIS course linked to the Moodle course.
  • A program with the ELIS course.
  • A track from the program and auto-create the class of the track. The class is set to auto-enroll so users will be automatically enrolled in the class when they are assigned to the track.
3. Create a User Set Classification. Go to the Program Administration block > Admin > User Set Classifications and select the Add User Set classifications button. Enable "Autoenrol users in groups" and "Autoenrol users in groupings".

ELIS user set classification

4. Create a user set. Assign the user set the new user set classification. Enable the "Associated" Group settings. Once the user set is created go to the Users tab and assign users to the user set.

Spacely Sprockets user set

5. Assign the user set to the track. Go to the Tracks tab for the new user set and assign the track created above to the user set, enable auto-enroll.

6. The users are automatically enrolled in the ELIS class/Moodle course and a group has been created in the Moodle course based on the user set. The name of the group is the user set name and users of the user set have been assigned to the group.

User Set course group

Note: The user set must be associated to the class via a track for the group to be created/populated in the Moodle course.

For example, if there is a user set named "ACME Sales", then whenever users in that user set are enrolled in Moodle courses via ELIS tracks, first a group and grouping named ACME Sales is created in the Moodle course, and then all subsequent members of ACME Sales are placed in that group and grouping. This enables you to use Moodle's groups and groupings to hide/show activities to specific groups, separate forums into groups, see separate groups in the gradebook, etc.