ELIS 2013 Manual

ELIS Users

Manage Users list and ELIS Roles

Manage Users list and ELIS Roles:

ELIS roles can be setup to determine which users are visible to another user in the Manage Users screen.

For instance, if a user has been given an Administrative Role in a User Set, they can see only the users in their own User Set in the ELIS Manage Users screen.

When a Site Administrator views Manage Users they see all ELIS users on the site:

ELIS manage users screen

When ELIS roles are used, this list can be limited to the users that are in a user set, program, track, or ELIS class.

For example, the user below has an user set role in the Test User Set:
Assigning user set role

When she logs in, she sees only the Test User Set and user sub-sets if there are any:
User in user set role view

When this user visits the Manage Users screen, instead of seeing all the users on the site, she sees only the users in the Test User Set:
Manage user list filtered by user set role assignment

This user can search for users in his User Set, etc. but can only see the users that are in the User Set(s) she is assigned an administrator role in.

By using ELIS roles, you can now setup user roles with limited administrative functions, limited to users in their the user set, program, etc. where they have been given administrative authority via ELIS role assignments.