ELIS 2013 Manual

ELIS Programs

Managing Program Users

You can add and remove users from a program using the batch user management interface as described below. First we must go to the Users tab of a program to manage users. Go to the Program Management block > Program > Manage Programs. From there either select the Users icon for a program or select a program and the go to the Users tab.

User icon for program on the manage programs screen

The Users tab opens on the Currently Assigned screen, select the Assign Students link to assign users to the program.

Program Users tab currently assigned screen

On the Assign Students screen there is a list of users that can be assigned to the program. Above the list of users are the filters. To use a filter click on the filter, then you can enter text or in some instances there will be a drop down menu with a checkbox for each selection. The filters update in real-time so as soon as you enter text or select a checkbox the filter will automatically start filtering.

Program Users tab assign students screen

The filters are configurable, so you can add just the filters you will use. To add a filter select the Add button and select the filter you want added to the list. ELIS custom user fields are available for filtering.

Program Users tab assign students screen

In this example I will be adding an ELIS custom user field, OSHA Compliance, to the filter list. This will allow me to filter users based on who needs to complete the OSHA Safety Program. I click on the filter then select the menu option I want to filter with, which in this example is "no".

Program Users tab assign students link

To assign the users select the green Assign icon located on the right hand side of the user row, or add the users to the Bulk Assignment box then Assign them all at once. There are two ways to add users to the Bulk Assignment box:
  1. Select the Add All Search Results button.
  2. Select the user row then drag and drop the user in the Bulk Assignment box, multiple users can be selected at once using Shift + Select or Control + Select.

Once the users are added to the Bulk Assignment box, select the green Assign link to assign the users to the program.

Program Users tab assign students screen