ELIS 2014 Manual

Setting up Course Descriptions

Course Learning Objectives

The old ELIS concept of Completion Elements has been renamed to Learning Objectives to make the purpose of these more clear.
Course learning objective tab
Once the Course Description has been set up, click on the Learning Objectives tab.
Course description add element button
  1. This is the ID Number for the LO in Moodle when it was assigned - this number must be an exact match, including case, with the ID in Moodle.
  2. Select the Add Element button to add a new Learning Objective to the ELIS Course Description.
TIP: To make it easier for users to read reports that display Learning Objectives, you can use the name of the Learning Objective for the ID Number in Moodle. The only limitation is that Learning Objectives must be unique in a course - you can't have two IDs that both say Assignment 1.

To set the Learning Objective that is linked to a user's grade in a Moodle activity, you can enter the ID number from the Moodle class by going to the Moodle class and locate the Moodle activity you wish to use as a Learning Objective. Or you can use the new Browse functionality to browse the graded activities in the Moodle course, and add them to ELIS.

Learning objective Browse button

To use the LO Browse functionality, click the Browse button.

Select the Moodle assignment to associate with the learning objective

The Browse button shows you all the activities in the Moodle template class.
  1. The Activities tab, this will list all graded activities in the Moodle template class.
  2. If the activity has an ID Number, it will be shown in parantheses. Activities still must have ID Numbers in Moodle to be used in ELIS. Click on the Activity to add it to ELIS.
  3. Gradebook grade items and grade categories will show in this tab, these can also be used as Learning Objectives.

Select the activity then close the browse window. Add the optional Name and Description, and set the grade for which students will be marked complete in the activity. Select Save changes to setup your completion element.

Save the new learning objective

Moodle Gradebook grade items and Moodle Gradebook Categories as ELIS Learning Objectives

Moodle Gradebook grade items and Moodle Gradebook grade categories can be used as Learning Objectives. Gradebook grade items are often used to manage external grades, for example attendance at offline classes, certification tests taken outside Moodle, etc. The are also used to hold scores derived via Moodle's grade calculations.
Moodle gradebook links

Grade categories are created in Moodle by pressing the Add category button on either the Simple view or the Full view of the Mooodle gradebook Categories and items section.

Creating gradebook category

When creating a Gradebook grade category to use as an ELIS Learning Objective, enter an ID Number for the Category.

When the Category has been setup in Moodle's Gradebook, you can now locate it back in the ELIS Course Description:
Learning objective browse window

Click the "Grade items" tab to see Gradebook items and Categories. These will work the same way in ELIS as Moodle activities - set a completion grade and when a learner has achieved that score, they will be marked as complete for that LO.

When you create or edit a Gradebook grade item or Gradebook category, you can now use it as a Learning Objective in ELIS.

This function lets you aggregate grades from graded items in Moodle to use them as Learning Objectives.

These will then automatically manage user completion for a Course Description, and can also be viewed on the user report:

Individual user report

* Note that if you want to use Learning Objectives that are not graded in Moodle, only in ELIS, it is important to use an ID number for the Learning Objective that is not matched by any activity ID numbers.

There is more information about grading Learning Objectives in ELIS in the Setting up Class Instances section of this book.