ELIS 2014 Manual

Step by Step Example Program Setup

Setting up the Program

Now that we have created the ELIS courses for the program, it is time to set up the program itself.

The next step is to create a program and add the courses to it. To do that, go to Manage Programs and select "Add Program".

Add program buton

Enter an Id Number and Name for the program and save changes to continue. The other fields are optional on this screen and can be edited later.

Add program:
Adding program

To add courses to the program:
  1. Select the Course Descriptions tab
  2. Select the Available To Assign link
  3. Select the green Assign icon to add a course
  4. Selecting the green Assign icon opens a confirmation screen where additional information can be added for the course, e.g., position 1. Selecting the check icon completes the assignment to the program.
  5. Multiple courses can be assigned to the program at once by dragging and dropping courses into the Bulk Assignment box. Then select the green Assign icon. A limitation of the Bulk Assignment feature is you can't assign the courses different position numbers.
Assigning a course to a program

If the course is a required course, set the required course box as shown in step 4 of the previous image. You can come back and make a course required later, however it is best to have the program fully setup before adding users, so it is ideal to set this now. I set the Position of the course to 1 as it is the first course in the series.

Go to the Currently Assigned link and the first course has been added to the program.

Program course description tab currently assigned link

Now we add the subsequent courses, setting the required courses to be required and setting a position in the program course list for required courses.

Program course description tab

Next I will add prerequisites.

Click a column heading to sort with that column. The courses are sorted by the Position column by default in this example.

Click the key icon and then select the prerequisite course(s) from the list of available courses.

Prerequisite icon for a course on the course description tab of a program

Edit course prerequisites:
Add prerequisite course

If a prerequisite course is not part of the program, it can be added to the program by selecting the "Add prerequisites to program" checkbox shown in the image above.

At this point, if we add a user to the program, and login as that user and click the "Program Overview" link in the Learning Plan, we'll see the screen below:
User's view of their program overview screen

This is because we have not yet setup a track, so there are no actual classes created from the courses of the program. Classes can be automatically created by a track, or classes can be created manually.