ELIS 2014 Manual

Step by Step Example Program Setup

Using a user set with a program

Now that the program and user set have been created the two can now be associated. Select the Programs tab of the user set or the User Sets tab of the program to associate the program and user set. For this example we will select the Programs tab of the user set we just created.

Programs tab of a user set

On the Programs tab of the user set:
  1. Select the Available To Assign link - This opens a screen where available programs can be assigned to the user set.
  2. Select the green Assign icon - This opens the confirmation window with the auto-enroll settings for the assignment.
  3. Use the checkbox to set the Auto-enroll users into this program when they are added to this user set setting.
  4. Select the green Check icon to confirm the program assignment to the user set.
  5. Bulk Assignment - Drag and drop programs onto the Bulk Assignment box to assign multiple programs to the user set at once.
Now on the Currently Assigned screen we see the assigned program, users in the user set will be automatically assigned to the program.

Programs tab of a user set

Next we will create a track of classes to auto-enroll the users of the user set in. Tracks are used to auto-enroll users in class instances - if you want users to enroll themselves in class instances, just assign them to the program and they can self-enroll in any class instances of courses in the program.