ELIS 2014 Manual

ELIS Users

User Id numbers

ELIS uses an ID number to keep track of users - this means that the user's data is always attached to the same person, regardless if their name, email, or other information changes. This also means that in order for users loaded from Moodle to import correctly into ELIS, they must have an ID number set in their user profile.

The ID Number must not change, as ELIS uses this as the unique identifier for that user in the system - names and other user information can change, but not the ID number. This is like a US Social Security number in that way (but don't use SSNs for the ID number:-)).

If you already have a unique identifier for your users that does not change, then you can use it for the ID number in ELIS. If you don't you'll need to create one or let ELIS generate ones for you.

The key to this master data management methodology is simple: ID numbers don't change.

When a user is added to ELIS from Moodle then deleted from ELIS, it will delete the Moodle user as well. Deleting a Moodle user does not remove the record from the database, so creating a new ELIS user with the same ID number as the deleted user will cause it to associate with the deleted Moodle user. Re-using ID numbers or changing ID numbers in Moodle may cause data integrity issues in ELIS. Ensure that ID numbers are unique and not re-used.

Auto-Assign ID Numbers

There is a check box in the ELIS Configuration screen that will automatically set a Moodle user's ID number to be the same as their username, if they don't have one already set. If the site admin needs to have users in Moodle who are never brought into ELIS - they can turn off automatic ID number assignment in the ELIS Configuration settings for their site. In this case, admins will have to generate ID numbers for the users they do want in ELIS or provide ID numbers as part of the user loading process.

To adjust this setting go to the Program Management block > Admin > Configuration.

Admin configuration link

Then scroll to the User Settings at the bottom of the page.

User settings on configuration page

In most cases users will want this turned on so that all Moodle users get created in ELIS, in some cases users do not want this turned on (when they want to create users in Moodle who do not get added to ELIS).

The next image shows an automatically assigned ID number. The username for the Moodle account was used to create the ID number for the ELIS account. This is the edit view of this user's profile, the username can not be edited.

Edit tab of a manage user screen