ELIS 2014 Manual


Sitewide Course Completion Report

The Sitewide Course Completion Report will show user status for each course on the site.

Report Requirements:

This report requires learning objectives in the course to fully function - e.g. it will show the status as 'complete' if the ELIS completion grade is achieved, however showing 100% complete as in the images below requires at least one Learning Objective to be setup.

Report Parameters:

This report has four parameters that can be configured.
  1. Select the course or all courses- One specific course can be chosen or all courses. Multi-select is not allowed.
  2. Should the report show the time users spent in the course? Select Yes if this data should be included in the report. Select No if it should not.
  3. Should the report show the user's total grade in the course? Select Yes if this data should be included in the report. Select No if it should not.
  4. Select a date range. Selecting a date range will pull course data for courses that were completed in the time-frame selected. To select all completed courses after a date, enable only the "is after" date. To select all completed courses before a specific date, enable only the "is before" date. To select courses that were completed within a range of time, select both an "is after" and an "is before" date. If courses that have not been completed within the time specified should be included the report, select the "Never included" check box.
Sitewide course completion report filter

The Report below shows a sample of a Sitewide Course Completion Report. The report is for one course, Diversity. The report will list all class instances of the Diversity course, in this case only one class. If the course is assigned to a program and course set that information is displayed above the course information as shown in the example below.

Explanation of report data:
  1. Status--refers to the overall student status in the course. If the learner has met completion requirements for the course, his/her status will be marked as complete.
  2. # Required Learning Objectives-- this is the number of learning objectives in the course that are marked as required. A learner must complete all required learning objectives to have a status of complete in the course. Note that in courses where there are required learning objectives and a designated course completion score, both items must be met before the learner's status will show as complete.
  3. % Complete--This is the percent of required learning objectives that have been completed by the learner.
  4. # Graded-- Number of graded learning objectives in the course. If a learner has completed a learning objective activity, but it has not been scored, it will not be included in the number shown in this column.
  5. Total # of Learning Objectives-- This number represents the total number of learning objectives in the course, both optional learning objectives and required.
  6. Time Spent-- Number of hours the learner has spent in the course in the time frame designated. This column is not included in the example below.
  7. Total Grade-- Learner's current total percent grade in the course.
Sitewide course completion report

To change report options, click on the "Configure Parameters" icon located in the upper left hand corner of the report.

To schedule the report to run at specific time(s) in the future, select the "Schedule Reports" icon in the upper right hand corner of the report. For details on setting report parameters when scheduling reports, please see the report scheduling documentation.

The report can be exported in PDF or CSV format. To export the report, select either the "Download PDF" or "Download CSV" icons located in the upper left hand corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer.

Report data can be updated automatically, without needing to go back to the report parameters, by clicking the "Refresh" button located at the bottom center of the report page.