ELIS 2014 Manual


Course Completion by User Set

Report Requirements

This report requires that users of a user set are enrolled in a course. The report filters users by user set and generates course/class data for that user set. The courses must have learning objectives for the report to fully function.

Report Filter

Selecting user sets/user sub-sets: There are two ways to select a user set.
  1. To select an individual user set or user sub-set, use the "any value" button and select the user set from the menu of choices. This will select one user set only to display data from - it will not show data from user sub-sets of the selected user set.
  2. To select an entire organizational user set or multiple user sets, select the "Enable Tree" button. This will open a user set menu tree where user sets can be selected, multiple user sets can be selected by their checkboxes for each report. Selecting an organizational user set will create a report for all user sets of the organization. Using the user set tree enables you to see data from user sub-sets of parent user sets on one report. If a parent user set is selected -user sub-set will be automatically selected.
Next the completion status is selected. There are two checkbox selections here, show completed courses or incomplete courses. One or both of these can be selected for each report.

The optional information includes data that is provided for each user.
  1. Program: This displays the courses by program. Each user will have a list of courses under their name, if this is selected then the courses will be listed under their assigned program.
  2. Status: Completed, Incomplete. If "completed" is selected, only users who have completed the class will be included in the report. If "incomplete" is selected, only users who have the incomplete status in a class will be included in the report. If left to default, all users -complete or incomplete- will be included in the report. This status is based on the enrollment status of the user in the ELIS class enrollments page.
  3. Completion: If selected, this will display the learning objective column in the report.
  4. Course Set: If selected a course set column is added to the report.
  5. User Set Leader Role: All roles on the Moodle site will appear in this drop-down. The role selected here will determine the names of the users who will appear on the report as User Set leaders for each user set.

After selecting the Enable Tree button the user set menu tree will be displayed.

Course completion bu user set report filter with enabled user set tree

Below is a sample Course Completion by User Set report.

Courses included in a program will be listed together under the program name. All non-program courses will be listed together at the beginning of the report.

Explanation of report data:
  • User ID: idnumber of the user.
  • User Name: First and Last name of the user.
  • Program: Name of the program the user is enrolled in, or "Non Program Courses" if the course is not associated with a program.
  • Course Set: Name of the course set the course is assigned to.
  • Course: Name of the ELIS course that the ELIS class belongs to in which the user is in.
  • Required: If "Yes" is displayed, the ELIS course is a required course in the program. If "No" is displayed the ELIS course is not a required course in the program. If the record is being displayed as a part of the "Non-Program Courses" section, N/A will be displayed.
  • Class: idnumber of the ELIS class.
  • Completed: This is based on the enrollment status of the user within the class.
    • If enrollment status is automatically generated then this will show as Completed or Not completed.
    • If enrollment status is manually marked then within the ELIS class enrollments page, this will show pass, failed, or incomplete.
  • Current Grade: the user's current total grade int he class.
    • If no grade has been assigned yet, a value of 0 will be displayed.
    • Moodle grade changes will be reflected on the report up until the sufficient grade is reached, at which point the record is locked and the grade will no longer be updated.
  • Learning Objectives Completed: The number of learning objectives satisfied out of number of learning objectives defined in the ELIS course. If no learning objectives are defined, "0/0" is displayed.
Class completion by user set report

To change report options, click on the "Configure Parameters" icon located in the upper left corner of the report.

To schedule the report to run at specific time(s) in the future, select the "Schedule Reports" icon in the upper right corner of the report. For details on setting report parameters when scheduling reports, please see the report scheduling documentation.

The report can be exported in PDF or CSV format. To export the report, select either the "Download PDF" or "Download CSV" icons located in the upperhand corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer.

Report data can be updated automatically, without needing to go back to the report parameters, by clicking the "Refresh" button located at the bottom center of the report page.