ELIS 2014 Manual

ELIS 2.7 from a Learners Perspective

Individual User Reports

All the users in ELIS can generate an Individual Course Progress Report or an Individual User Report. When users select the Individual Course Progress Report link an Individual Course Progress Report filter will appear with the user's name pre-selected. Select the checkbox next to any optional columns you want to add to the report.

Individual course progress report filter

Selecting the Show Report button will generate the report, an example report is shown below.

Individual Course Progress Report:
Individual course progress report

An Individual User Report can also be generated by selecting that link, an example of that report is below. Courses sets assigned to programs and the courses assigned to the course sets are listed first, then the courses assigned to a program but not a course set are listed. Courses not assigned to a program or course set are listed last.

Individual User Report:
Individual user report

Scroll to the bottom of this program's section of the report and there is a summary of the program completion at this point. Course set information is included in the summary if one is assigned to the program. The summary line is always highlighted.

Individual user report

To change report options, click on the "Configure Parameters" icon located in the upper left corner of the report.

The report can be exported in PDF or CSV format. To export the report, select either the "Download PDF" or "Download CSV" icons located in the upper left corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer.

Report data can be updated automatically without needed to go back to the report parameters by clicking the "Refresh" button located at the bottom center of the report page.